Advocacy and Activism
In addition to providing a broad spectrum of resources to support individuals in ending their own homelessness, Hospitality House addresses homelessness and poverty on the broader social level. We endeavor to unite our participants¡¯ voices to educate the larger community about homelessness and poverty, to distribute power to those on the periphery of public policy making, and to stimulate social change.

Hospitality House accomplishes this by

Root Causes of Homelessness Survey
In Spring 2001, through the collaborative efforts of board, staff, and participants, Hospitality House wrote 'Root Causes, Prevention, and Action: A Look at Homelessness and Poverty'a document that outlines the causes and solutions to homelessness determined by a survey of more than one hundred Hospitality House participants, staff, and board members.
The survey gave voice to the experience of being homeless; reinforced Hospitality House's guiding principles; and outlined critical issues to be addressed in ongoing advocacy and activism efforts.

As a follow-up to the Root Causes Statement, Hospitality House staff and participants form the Political Action Workgroup. The group carefully reviewed several proposals put forward to address San Francisco¡¯s homeless crisis and identified several key elements that Hospitality House believes are essential to any plan that will solve this serious and complex problem. These elements were combined to create 'Recommendations to Proposals Addressing Homelessness in San Francisco.'

Advocacy through Collaborations
When participants use Hospitality House¡¯s direct services, they enter a community that automatically plugs them into the advocacy and activism surrounding San Francisco's policies on homelessness and poverty. Because Hospitality House has already captured a constituency thousands strong, our like-minded collaborators are eager to connect with us to share our space, staff, and "ready audience" as resources for organizing, training, and leadership development. This assures that the Hospitality House community is a strong presence in advocacy and public policy forums in San Francisco.


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