Community Arts Program

Hospitality House takes great pride in its Arts Program. It is the only free-of-charge fine arts studio for homeless and poor artists in San Francisco. Each year, the Community Arts Program (CAP) offers more than 250 artists the materials and space necessary to create, house, exhibit, and sell their artwork.

But more than the art that is made here, the CAP is a progressive and crucial component of the programs offered at Hospitality House because it helps relieve the intangible, private effects of poverty. For those navigating through the impersonal social service system, self-expression and imaginative talent can be stifled and ignored. The CAP exposes people to creative resources that would otherwise be unobtainable to them. These materials are the tools that provide an often-neglected outlet for creative freedom and, subsequently, they serve to enhance self-esteem and ambition.

The Community Arts Program is located at 1009 Market Street, cross Sixth Street. Click for map & directions.


Studio Space, Materials, and Instruction
During studio hours, artists work in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture. Studio assistants are available for artistic instruction and project guidance. Additionally, they assist with other needs associated with homelessness and poverty, such as referrals for case management, shelter, counseling, and crisis intervention.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1 - 6 pm
Tuesday & Thursday from 10 am - 3 pm

Weekly Visual Arts Workshops
Instruction in a variety of media, supporting community artists to further develop their skills and learn new techniques. The work created by artists in this class is frequently exhibited in the studio gallery and other local venues.

Creative Writing Workshops
These classes are led by a professional writer who teaches poetry, short story, memoir, and other forms of creative writing. The group publishes an anthology and individual chapbooks.

Read a sample of poetry created in the Writing Workshop.

The Exhibition Program
Through the CAP's comprehensive exhibit schedule, projects are showcased at more than a dozen local galleries and auctions throughout the year, as well as at local businesses, the citywide Open Studios event, and our own studio/gallery. One of Hospitality House's most successful events is its own Annual Art Auction, which has taken place for the past 25 years to support our artists and fund the studio. Hospitality House artists receive full proceeds from the sale of their artwork unless they designate otherwise.

List of upcoming events and exhibitions

Greeting Cards
Since 1995, the CAP has produced and sold greeting cards designed by participant artists. Artists receive a commission on each of their cards that are sold, and are eligible for design awards. The remainder of the revenue funds the Community Arts Program.

To view and order these cards, please click here.

290 Turk Street
San Francisco
CA 94102

415 749 2100

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