The Employment Program

The Employment Program, founded in 1992 by staff and participants, helps those who are facing multiple barriers to employment secure and maintain jobs. Employment is a fundamental step toward economic independence, and aids in stopping the cycle of chronic homelessness and poverty.

The Employment Program offers a broad range of employment services, from pre-employment workshops to job placement, to approximately 300 people each year. Various resources exist to accommodate job seekers at any level of job readiness, including the Employment Resource Center, the Employment Workshop Series, Transitional Employment Opportunities, and Job Placement and Retention Counseling.

Employment Resource Center (ERC)
In 1998, the Employment Program opened the Employment Resource Center on a drop-in basis for nine hours each week. The ERC provides job-seekers with the ability to make job-related phone calls, send faxes, search for jobs via the Internet, write and print resumes, and meet with Employment Program staff. With the ERC, Hospitality House is able to meet the needs of people who lack the basic means of communication, such as voicemail and web access, that are necessary for one to be competitive in today's limited job market.

The ERC has two locations:

Tenderloin Self-Help Center

Sixth Street Self-Help Center


Transitional Employment Opportunities
To gain more extensive on-the-job experience, participants may be referred to the Volunteer Program, which places them in temporary, volunteer positions within Hospitality House. In these roles volunteers assist with anything from grocery distribution to administrative work. This allows those who may not yet be ready for permanent employment to gain the skills and experience they need to move into paid employment.

The Employment Program may also place participants in paid temporary positions throughout the agency. These transitional employment positions provide supportive supervision and valuable work experience. Participants are paid $7.50/hour to assist them in purchasing interview clothing, work boots, tools, and other items they may need for job. A structured work environment such as this provides individuals with constructive feedback on their work performance, allows them the opportunity to improve, and enhances their self-esteem.

Job Placement and Retention Counseling
Once a participant is "job-ready," he or she meets with the Employment Counselor to explore vocational interests, network with employers, and send out resumes and cover letters. Because the Employment Program partners with employers in the Bay Area, staff are able to place some job-ready individuals directly into competitive employment. The Employment Program collaborates with many San Francisco non-profits, such Arriba Juntos, Haight-Ashbury Food Program, and the Community Housing Partnership, to coordinate participant job placement.

Once a job seeker is placed, Employment Program staff provides job retention counseling to support the individual in maintaining his or her new position. Given the various barriers to employment that individuals can face, it is important to provide this safety net of support in order to address any issues that could possibly undermine job security.



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