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Welcome to the online store of the Community Arts Program! Your purchase helps to keep the arts alive and well in the Tenderloin neighborhood. Please have a look around to find something you like.

Greeting Card Enterprise Project
Since 1995, the Community Arts Program has produced and sold greeting cards designed participant artists. Artists receive a commission on each of their cards that are sold. By purchasing these cards, you are giving the gift of the healing power of art to those who need it most!

Cards come in packages of 8 cards with envelopes, and are blank unless otherwise noted. Personalized messages and bulk discounts are available.



00-03 Fran Kelly

The Family Christmas

00-01 Joseph Sierra

Wanted: Merry Christmas

00-02 Dimitri Kadiev

Homeless Angel

00-06 Pepe Benjamin


00-05 Jo-Jo Wright

Sacred Heart Cross

00-04 Nichole Thierry

Midnight Snowing

00-12 J. Burnett

La Posada
(Message Inside: "Wishing you a Season of Peace and Joy")

00-14 Fang Yung

Holiday Bridge

00-16 Janet Lyons

Blue Sky Palm

# MB95X1SS Max Brando

Peace to the World

# MP920020 Mary Poage


# JC93X Jose Carrera


#JP96XOS James Pryor

Light of David

# GB96X1OS

Sleigh and Song

# RB94X Roya Bozeman

Moon Tree

# RM96X30S Ray Monteleone

Rainbow of Peace

# KM94X Keith McLeggon

Holiday Trolley

# CB93X2 Gabriella Bargellini

Pear Tree

# MB96X4 Scarlet DeLluria

Invitation Card

# FY95X1 Fang Yung

Fisherwoman in Nice View

# 00-09 William Bacon


# LC94X Lisa Chuang

(Message Inside: "Happy Holidays")

# PC94X1 Phoebe Couch

Pear Tree

00-10 Keith Bourgeious

Evening Sky
(Message Inside: Wishing you a Season of Peace and Joy)

# MP5X2 Marco Paredes

Flying Santa

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